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Since our establishment in 2016, this company aim to venture in a new digital economy. It is hope that the company will contribute to the development of Brunei digital economy as a whole which is on line with the Brunei Darussalam vision 2035.

“Oleh itu pada hemat Beta, adalah tepat pada masanya untuk Negara Brunei Darussalam mempunyai Pelan Induk Ekonomi Digitalnya sendiri. Apatah lagi sejak akhir-akhir ini kita memang memerlukan perkhidmatan digital, yang merangkumi pembelajaran, perniagaan dan urustadbir yang mampu menjadikan Bandar Seri Begawan sebagai Smart City, dimana untuk itu, Beta telah memperkenankan Pelan Induk Digital Ekonomi 2025 di bawah Kementerian Pengangkutan dan Info-Komunikasi”

“In my opinion, Brunei Darussalam now needs to have it’s own Digital Economy Master Plan. As of lately, digital services are needed to cover learning, business and governance in order to transform Bandar Seri Begawan into a Smart City. For which, I have approved the Digital Economy Master Plan 2025 under the Ministry of Transport and Info-Communications.”

– TITAH of His Majesty of Brunei Darussalam during 74th Birthday July 2020


SDTL means Syarikat Dayang Timah Lakim/Dayang Timah Lakim Company. Digital describes electronic technology that generates, stores, and processes data. Services explains work done by an individual or a group of individuals who benefit to others.

Syarikat Dayang Timah Binti Haji Lakim Digital Services has been registered at the Ministry of Home Affairs headquartered in the Ministry of Finance, Brunei Darussalam under the Business Name Act [CHAPTER] BUSINESS NAMES ACT [SECTION 16] and BUSINESS NAMES ACT, CAP 92 [SECTION 17] on 5th March 2016.

SDTL Digital Services has been officially registered under Authority for Info-Communications Technology Industry  (AITI Brunei) on 27th April 2016. We are also registered under Department of Civil Aviation on 26th September 2020 for operating Drone services (UAV). Registered under the Employees Trust Fund (Tabung Amanah Pekerja) on 23rd November 2016. And also a Private Agent for Permit Import and Export under Royal Customs and Exercise Department on 10th November 2018.



“Towards innovation in digital information management services”



“Provides innovative and up-to-date digital information services”



“Towards the future industrial revolution” in line with the concept of Malay Islamic Monarchy”

Our Management Team



Nur Fatin

Assistant CEO

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