Spatial Data Management


Spatial Data Management Services

Our Company offers spatial data management infrastructure services which include providing digital hardwares, softwares, digital upgrading, reselling digital products, technical training services and more.

It is hope that this digital spatial data management services products will carter the needs of Digital Real Estate and Facilities Management services, Digital Facilities Asset Management, Digital Disaster Management services, Digital Cemetery Management, Digital Recreational and park Management, Digital Environmental Management Services, Search And Rescue Services, Construction industry applications,  2D and 3D Modeling, Aerial Building Inspection, Insurance and Costing, Oil and gas facility management services and more.

Digital Surface Model

Digital Elevation Model (DEM): Digital Surface Model (DSM) Generation

Digital Terrain Model

Digital Elevation Model (DEM): Digital Terrain Model (DTM) Generation

Dense Point Cloud is Editing and Classification

Dense Point Cloud: Editing and Classification

3D Model generation

3D Generation Model




Satellite Imagery Process by Agisoft Metashape

Picture 3

2D Data Extrude to 3D Model Process

Picture 4

3D Digital Data Acquisition Process

Picture 5

Information & Detailing

3D Digital Replica and Realistic Animation

2D Digital Digitization

Integration multi-Information Cinematic

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